Capiva Plus fund is focused on real estate and private equity.

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An eye for solid deals


The fund manager focuses on the acquisition and development of real estate and private equity. The fund manager is a Luxembourg party that has extensive experience.


Capiva Plus Fund invests exclusively in economically stable, mature markets.


The fund manager has an extensive network of partners for the sourcing of solid deals.


Capiva Plus Fund aims to achieve a positive return every year, regardless of the economic conditions. Given the solid track record of the property and private equity managers, this is a realistic goal.

Capiva Plus fund

Investors enjoy direct exposure

Capiva Plus Fund invests primarily in real estate and private equity. The fund applies the expertise of the fund managers in direct deals and targeted fund selection within a fund structure that offers sufficient liquidity to the investors. 

The committed capital is called at once and investors enjoy direct exposure. For the investors it remains possible to exit on a monthly basis.


Fund structure


real estate


private equity




The Capiva Plus Fund invests primarily in real estate and private equity. The Fund focuses on direct deals and targeted fund selection.

Direct interests in real estate projects.

Investments according to a 'buy and hold' strategy with a clear growth character.

Part of the diversified portfolio consists of cash, which makes it easy for investors to subscribe to and exit from the fund.

Our differentiators

The Capiva Plus Fund has no defined term, but invests continuously. This reduces the chance that the Fund will invest at an economically unfavorable time.

At home in several markets

At home in several markets

Thanks to the current improved economic climate, companies are encouraged to invest. Domestic demand is picking up under the influence of a recovering labor market.

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Independent valuation

Independent valuation

The Capiva Plus Fund bases the monthly NAV (Net Asset Value) on the independent valuation of the underlying investments in the Fund by means of fair value valuation guidelines.

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Realistic starting point

Realistic starting point

Investing in real estate and private equity involves risks. Thanks to realistic starting points and extensive due diligence, risks are significantly limited.

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